Google stated Friday that it will accelerate the deployment of Chrome OS updates to a four-week cadence in the third quarter of this year.

“To deliver new features to users more quickly while maintaining a focus on Chrome OS’s core pillars—security, stability, speed, and simplicity—Chrome OS will transition to a four-week stable channel beginning with M96 in Q4,” Chrome OS release TPM lead Marina Kazatcker said in a blog post.

This brings Chrome OS’s release timetable in line with that of Google’s Chrome browser, which Google revealed in March would likewise adopt a four-week release cycle later this year. To align the two timetables, Google announced on Friday that it will miss the M95 version of Chrome OS.

For enterprise and education users who may not want or be able to keep up with such a rapid update cycle, Google aims to launch a second channel with a more manageable six-month schedule by the time the M96 version is ready. The company stated that it will provide additional insights on that front in the near future.

The decision echoes Google’s recent shift away from large-scale overhauls and toward more regular minor, iterative upgrades to its products, which the company says is aimed at delivering new features more rapidly and maintaining a more seamless online experience.


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