Steam Library Manager (SLM) enables customers to transfer video games more quickly than the Steam client does on its own. Despite the fact that SLM is a third-party application not created by Valve, it is reliable and simple to configure. Discover how to use Steam Library Manager to quickly transfer video games to a different partition.

How to Install Steam Library Manager

To begin, navigate to the Steam Library Manager download page by clicking here.

Steamlibman Step 1

Locate the most recent launch and save “” to a location of your choice.

Within this folder, right-click file and select “Extract All…”.

Steamlibman Step 3

To begin the setup procedure, open “Steam Library Manager.exe” from the resulting folder.

Steamlibman Step 4 1

Initial Configuration

SLM will walk you through its Installation Wizard during first setup.

Steamlibman Step 5

On the following screen, you’ll be given the option to enable Origin and UPlay support. If you already have these shoppers installed on your computer, you may proceed. Alternatively, disregard this and proceed to the final web page. Click “Close” to return to the right Library Management.

Utilization of the Steam Library Manager

Now that you’re in Steam Library Manager, the majority of the options are self-explanatory. The interface will display all of your Steam installs across all of your drives and will allow you to drag and drop video games between them at your leisure.

Steamlibman Luckysevens

You can highlight, click on, and drag as many video games as you want into your Task Manager queue. To properly start the switch, though, you must click on “Task Manager” within the application and then on “Start.”

Steamlibmanager Task Manager Example

That’s it – you’ve transferred your first sport(s) without causing Steam to become unusable. However, you’ll want to restart Steam before playing any of your transferred games.

If you wish to quickly declutter one of your disks, click the top-right “Sort video games by” drop-down menu and select “disk dimension.”

Steamlibmanager Game Options And Sort By

This will quickly reveal which games are consuming an excessive amount of space on a specific drive and will enable you to delete, compress, clone, or transfer them to another drive.

From here, all of the application’s features are either immediately visible or a little too head-scratching for the scope of this writing. If you’ve been playing video games for a long period of time, you may be curious about your Steam statistics, such as how much and how long you’ve spent playing video games.


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