It’s only natural that whenever new technology is released, there will be some bumps on the road. The question is whether these obstacles are insurmountable or whether they are frequently overcome quickly. This is the question many are asking when their third-party iOS applications on their iPhones and iPads collapse following a sync with one of Apple’s new M1 Macs.

Third-Party Application Crash Reports from Users

Apple’s M1 Macs are the first machines to ship with the company’s new Silicon processors, the company’s first manufactured in-house. This includes the all-new Macbook Air, the 13-inch Macbook Pro, and the Mac Mini. Again, the question is whether or not this is a problem that can be quickly resolved.

M1 Ios Apps Macs

Reports of this issue began to surface late last year, just after Apple introduced the first M1 Macs. When users synced their iPhone or iPad with their new M1 Mac via Finder, third-party iOS apps ceased to work.

As immediately as the apps are opened, they are promptly closed, as one user reported. Furthermore, the apps cannot be updated, and new ones cannot be downloaded from the App Store.

M1 Ios Apps Iphone

Another user said that he was able to reactivate the apps. The methodology utilized was to connect the iOS device to an older Mac that was still running macOS Catalina.

Diagnosis of the Problem

Given that the M1 Macs ship with macOS Big Sur, it is uncertain at this point what would happen if an M1 was upgraded to macOS Catalina or another previous OS, as nobody has had a compelling reason to do so.

M1 Ios Apps Macbook Pro

Regardless, the M1 Macs equipped with Big Sur have a compatibility issue with iOS apps. If you have an M1 Mac, it is recommended that you do not sync your iOS devices until the particular issue is determined.

Hopefully, Apple will give a repair, either through a Big Sur replacement, an iOS replacement, or by correcting the M1 Macs, if it turns out to be a hardware issue.


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