You almost certainly take screenshots on a frequent basis to share a conversation or a photo. Sharing them is straightforward when you just need to send a snapshot or two, but what if you want to send a screenshot of the complete internet web page that exceeds the display screen dimension?

Rather than spamming your friends with screenshots, you may take and send a scrolling screenshot in Android. A scrolling screenshot is when you take a single lengthy screenshot that spans an area that must be scrolled through to see the entire view. This is not as time-consuming as you may believe and will undoubtedly save you time and bandwidth.

Using Your Phone’s Native Screen Capture Feature, Take Scrolling Screenshots

Certain smartphone models include this capability naturally, so homeowners don’t need to purchase anything to snap a scrolling screenshot.

If you’ve acquired a OnePlus smartphone, proceed to snap a screenshot as you normally would. You can either use the standard approach (hold down the facility and volume down buttons simultaneously for a few seconds) or the three-finger swipe motion.

How To Scrolling Screenshot One Plus Extended Capture

Once you’ve captured it, a little thumbnail of the captured display screen will appear in the bottom-right nook. Take note of the blue “expanded screenshot” button beneath and tap on it. You’ll be returned to the webpage you wish to screenshot, which will automatically begin scrolling down. When you are ready, tap the screen to bring the scrolling to a halt. Your extended screenshot is now shown in the editor for your picture gallery.

How To Scrolling Screenshot One Plus Stop Capturing

Alternatively, Huawei phone owners may take longer screenshots without requiring external assistance. After taking a screenshot on your machine, tap to examine it and then select the Scrollshot button at the bottom of the display.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Huawei Extended Capture

You’ll be sent to the page you wish to seize. Scroll down until you’ve included all of the content, then tap the display screen to complete. Your screenshot is now shown in the phone’s gallery.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Huawei Stop Capturing

Using Any Android Phone, Capture Long Screenshots

If you own an older machine or one manufactured by a different manufacturer that does not include a comparable instrument, you will need to install a third-party program.

LongShot for a lengthy screen capture

LongShot for Long Screenshot is an app that captures scrolling screenshots. It is completely free and simple to use. When you first use the software, you’ll notice three options: Capture Screenshot, Capture Web Page, and Select Images.

With the “Capture Screenshot” option, you can quickly capture screenshots of any apps or content on your phone and save them to your Gallery. If you opt for this option, you’ll need to grant the app access to display over other apps. This appears as a floating button that you must tap to begin and stop capturing.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Longshot App

Alternatively, select “Capture Web Page.” You’ll want to enter the URL of the location where the scrolling screenshot should be taken. To begin capturing, tap the “Set Start Position” button; to conclude, tap the “Ends Here and Capture” button. The app will then provide a preview of the screenshot and give you the option of sharing it or creating a new one. Once completed, you can navigate to your machine’s gallery to view the screenshots you took.

Capture Full Screenshots & Edit Screenshots

Customers can easily capture lengthy screenshots of web pages using Full Screenshot Capture & Screenshot Editor. The function behaves identically to the one in LongShot. Users must launch the embedded browser and navigate to the web page they wish to capture. Once there, either choose the “Capture whole web page” option or use the Start here, End here, and seize buttons to construct your screenshot. The app will save the resulting screenshot to your phone, and you can share it with others directly from the app or through your phone’s file manager.

How To Scrolling Screenshot Full Screenshot Capture

Full Screenshot Capture also includes a screen capture capability, which allows users to take screenshots of any software or content material on their computer. However, you may not be able to utilize this software to capture continuous longer screenshots. Rather than that, it is possible to stitch several images together to create a longer screenshot. Because the result is not as tidy, we recommend using LongShot instead if you’re primarily interested in screenshotting stuff that exists outside of sites.

Additionally, the program has a basic image editor, which enables you to alter your screenshots, or any other images, prior to sending them out. While Full Screenshot Capture & Screenshot Editor is a free application, advertising are included. These can be removed with the purchase of a Pro subscription.


Knowing how to take a scrolling screenshot on Android can be really beneficial, as it enables you to save time by allowing you to view them in many locations without having to swipe many times. If you require screenshots on several devices, continue reading to learn how to take screenshots on a Mac or a Windows 10 computer.


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