Through the free Steam Link software, you can now play your PC games on a decent TV on both Android and Samsung TVs. We’ll show you how to play PC video games on your Smart TV in this article.

Steam is the most popular PC gaming platform. While some may be wary of its stranglehold on PC, it has justified that position with a steady stream of appealing gamer-friendly offerings. Steam Link and Remote Play are two of the most effective advancements in recent years.

The former allows you to stream PC games from your PC to other devices, including your big TV, but the latter allows you to play your PC games on several devices even if you’re not on the same network!


  • It’s ideal to connect your main PC and your TV to the internet via an ethernet cable for maximum efficiency. In that case, a homeplug adaptor, which can still provide a more secure connection than Wi-Fi, should be considered.
  • By adding non-Steam titles (and even emulated console games) to your Steam library, you can use this method to play them.

Enable Steam Link and Remote Play.

To begin, make sure that Remote Play is enabled on the PC from which you’ll be streaming your games. On that PC, open Steam, go to “Steam -> Settings -> Remote Play,” and tick the “Enable Remote Play” box.

How To Play Pc Games Smart Tv - Enable Remote Play

If there are any non-Steam video games you’d like to test playing on your TV at this point, add them to Steam by clicking “Add a Game” on the backside left nook of Steam and selecting “Add a Non-Steam Game.” After you’ve selected all of the video games you want to add, click “Add Selected Programs.”

Play Pc Games On Smart Tv - Add Non Steam Games

Then, on your TV, install the Steam Link app. If you have an Android TV, go to the Play Store and download the Steam Link app. The Steam Link app may be found in the Samsung Smart Hub on a Samsung TV.

Bluetooth is used to connect the controller.

It’s now time to connect your gamepad to your television. Most TVs have Bluetooth, and you should be able to find your controller by going to your TV’s Settings, finding the Bluetooth option, and then searching for it. To discover it, your controller must be in pairing mode on your TV.

Play Pc Games On Smart Tv Select Bluetooth Device
  • To pair an Xbox 360/One controller, push the Xbox button until it starts flashing slowly, then hold the pairing button on the controller’s top side until the Xbox button light starts flashing faster.
  • To pair a PS4 controller, press and hold the PlayStation and Share buttons on the controller until the sunshine bar starts flashing rapidly.

    Your controller should look like the one on your TV. It will connect to your TV after you select it using your remote control.

Another Way to Connect the Controller

How To Play Pc Games Smart Tv 8bitdo

If your TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can use a USB cord to connect your controller to it. If you’re dead bent on going wireless, you may acquire a wi-fi dongle like the 8Bitdo Bluetooth Adapter, which connects into the back of your TV and sends a Bluetooth signal to your controller.

Final thoughts

With your PC turned on, Remote Play enabled, and a controller connected, you can now access the Steam Link app on your smart TV and play your PC games. If the quality isn’t up to par or the efficiency is uneven, try changing the Quality setting in the Steam Link app on your TV from Beautiful to Balanced or Fast.


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