In today’s age of video conferencing and working from home, software programs like Zoom, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams have become increasingly important. While Linux users, we are frequently limited to Zoom and Google Meet, as alternatives such as WebEx and other’s will not operate at all or will not work efficiently. However, since Microsoft announced Teams for Linux, there has been an option, one that enables additional Linux users to use Linux in their offices without fear of missing conferences. We’ll show you how to set up Microsoft Teams on Linux in this article so you can get to work.

Instructions for Installing Microsoft Teams on Linux

Microsoft Teams on Linux can be configured in two distinct ways. They’re for individuals who have vastly varied use cases, yet it’s critical to represent each.

The first method is to navigate to the Microsoft Teams Downloads web page and locate the appropriate package deal for your frequently-targeted distribution, whether it’s a.deb or .rpm file. Additionally, the AUR contains a package for Arch Linux. These will operate very well on your system, but you will need to adapt to the standard way that Linux packages are updated: by visiting the website and downloading the most recent version.

The alternative method is via well-known package deal formats, such as Snap and Flatpak. These are advantageous since these packages are limited, which means they will not have an excessive lot of access to your system, which is advantageous for telemetry purposes. This also applies to distros that do not use .rpm or .deb files or do not have access to the AUR, such as Solus or Clear Linux.

Using the Downloads Page to Install Microsoft Teams on Linux

To do so, navigate to the Microsoft Teams Downloads website and click on “Download for desktop.”

Teams On Linux Downloads

Once there, click on the appropriate file for your distro. In my instance, I’ll get the .rpm package because I’m using Fedora via this technique.

Teams On Linux Deb Or Rpm

Once the obtain completes, it would seemingly pop up in your software program middle of selection, however you may also set up it with both the dpkg or the rpm command, relying on your system.

Teams On Linux Rpm Command

After you’ve installed the package, you may open it, register, and begin using it.

As a Snap or Flatpak

To set up as a Snap or Flatpak, ensure you have snapd or flatpak put in on your system. Most distros now have one or the opposite pre-installed.

Then, using one of the numerous techniques below, configure the common package deal:

Teams On Linux Flatpak Command

Click the icon in your app menu and register together with your Teams account.

Teams On Linux Sign In Page

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