Reddit is a website that facilitates the formation of communities around a variety of interests. Members of the site are referred to as Redditors, and they create content that is subsequently upvoted or downvoted by other members. Depending on your interests, you can join a variety of groups, referred to as subreddits, where you can discuss topics with like-minded individuals. Additionally, while browsing Reddit, you will come across videos that you may want to keep. Here are a few methods for downloading Reddit videos to your Android phone or computer.

1. Make use of the Reddit Bot

Just as Telegram has a bot that assists users in obtaining video files, Reddit also has a bot. Reddit bots are amusing little pieces of code that may be used to automate a variety of tasks.

These bots will assist you in displaying battery percentages, converting non-metric values to metrics, publishing daring characters, or simply obtaining a movie. For our purposes, we will most likely be leveraging the Reddit bot “u/savevideo,” which allows users to save any video on Reddit. However, keep in mind that you will be unable to download YouTube videos.

Let us walk through the process of obtaining movies from Reddit using the “u/savevideo” Reddit bot.

1. On Reddit, open the post that contains the video you wish to download.

2. Type “u/savevideo” in the comment field (without the quotations) and tap the Post button.

Download Reddit Videos Post Comments

3. Within a few seconds, the Reddit bot will send you a message containing a link.

Download Reddit Videos View Link

4. Click on this link to open a new window with a download link in either HD or SD resolution.

Download Reddit Videos

Bear in mind that Reddit normally prohibits bots. Additionally, this Reddit bot works in a matter of seconds in certain circumstances, however in others, it may take several minutes to send you to the URL.

2. Utilize Viddit to download videos from Reddit

Utilizing a third-party video downloader program simplifies the process of downloading Reddit videos. Whatever device you use to access Reddit, having a dedicated video downloader software makes your life easier.

In our case, we’re utilizing an application called Viddit. All you may need to do is download and install the Viddit app from the Google Play Store.

Open the Reddit post that contains the video you’re looking for. Select the Share button and then the Viddit app from the resulting Share menu.

Viddit Download Reddit Videos App

Viddit will extract the video’s URL from the post’s URL. Take note that the video may take a few seconds to load. Once the script has been executed, simply click the Download button to save the Reddit video.

Viddit App

If you don’t need to obtain any apps to your cellphone, you may make use of the page.

Search Bar

As demonstrated below, click on the video’s “Share” option and then on “Copy Link” from the drop-down menu.

Copy Link

Paste it into the hyperlink field, and it’ll generate a hyperlink for you to obtain the video.

3. Download Reddit Videos Using a Web Browser

There are a number of Reddit video-downloading websites available that may assist you in get the video you’re looking for. Redditsave is a popular website for doing so.

It’s a pleasant and straightforward website. To download the video via Redditsave, you must first open the Reddit post that contains the video. To copy the post link, click the Share button and then the “Copy Post Link” option.

Copy Reddit Video Link

In a new tab, navigate to the Redditsave website and paste the hyperlink you just copied. Once Redditsave has collected the video from the url, click the Download button.


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