YouTube has become the de facto standard for video sharing. Not only is it an effective advertising tool, but it also functions as an educational platform. Not only can you embed YouTube videos into your websites, but you can also import a YouTube video into a Word document. This tutorial will walk you through the process of adding a YouTube or offline video to your Microsoft Word documents.

Inserting a YouTube Video into a Word Document

To enter a YouTube video, click on the “Insert” tab in the upper-left nook, directly beneath “File” and “Home.” Then, within the Insert ribbon, click on the “Online Video Media” icon.

Online Video Media

A new window will open, prompting you to enter the video’s HTTP address. Copy-paste the video’s address from your browser’s address bar into the field and click the “Insert” button. Alternatively, you can click on the “Share” icon beneath the video on YouTube and then on the copy button that appears in a new window.

Share Copy

If you require the video to begin at a specific time stamp, check the field “Start at…” on your alternative’s timestamp.

Following that, paste the address into the immediate field of your Word document.

Insert A Video

After clicking the “Insert” button, you’ll find that the YouTube video has been incorporated into your document. More precisely, you’ll see its thumbnail as a picture simply because it appears on YouTube before it begins participating.

Insert Complete

That concludes the insertion of a video segment.

Format Your YouTube Video Properly to Ensure Proper Integration

As you can see, leaving the video in its current state does not look very nice. To begin correcting this, click on it and then press Ctrl + E on your keyboard. This will serve as the video’s heart. Additionally, you can resize the video by selecting it, clicking on any of its boundary circles, and then resizing the movie’s thumbnail with your mouse.

Resize Video

If you right-click on the video and then on “Style,” you may choose from over a dozen different styles.

Video Style Format

For a seamless, unobtrusive, skillful appearance, the “Drop Shadow Rectangle” model is always a smart choice.

Drop Shadow

Finally, if the viewer of the Word document has access to the Internet, they can play the video at any moment by clicking on the middle play symbol. This will relegate the documentary to the background while the video takes center stage. You’ll see it displayed similarly to how you would on Twitter, Reddit, or a variety of other boards.

Video Playing

How to Include an Online Video in a Word Document

The disadvantage of integrating offline movies (or videos from your laptop’s storage) in Word documents is that they will only play on your PC. Videos inserted from your laptop will not play if you send the document to another person – this is why offline films aren’t as inspiring as online films. Utilize the information below if you decide to include videos in your Word document nonetheless.

To begin, enable the Developer option on your Word document. To accomplish this:

1. Open your Word document and navigate to the “File” menu. (See illustration below.)


2. Click “Options.”


3. Click “Customize Ribbon.”


4. Check the field in entrance of “Developer” and click on “OK.”


After you’ve completed these steps, you should notice a DEVELOPER tab in your Word document, as demonstrated below.


Now you’re ready to insert your video into your Word document. As demonstrated in the image below, click the “Developer tab,” navigate to Controls, and then click the icon labeled “Legacy Tools.”


Click on “Legacy Tools,” then on an item titled “More Controls” from the drop-down menu (below ActiveX Controls). A dialog box similar to the one below will appear. Select “Windows Media Player” from the drop-down menu and click the “OK” button.


When you click the OK button, Windows Media Player will be shown in your Word document (as demonstrated below). This is also an excellent moment to adjust the height and width of your Media Player by dragging the participant’s margins. It is critical that you make this adjustment immediately, as it will not be possible later.


At this point, Windows Media Player will not play any content. To add content to your Windows Media Player, follow the steps below.

Right-click on Windows Media Player and select “Properties.” A field similar to the one below should appear on the far left of your display screen. To discover content for the Word-embedded Windows Media Player, click Categorized in the field that appears on your screen.


If you click the “OK” button, a dialog box (like to the one below) will appear, allowing you to utilize the “Browse” button to locate the video you need to add to your Word doc.


At this point, your film is nearly ready to play – all that remains is to quit “Design Mode.” To get your video playing in your Word document, navigate to the “Developer Tab” and click on “Design Mode” – the video will begin playing automatically.


Now your video is prepared to play. Enjoy!


To remove this video, select “Design Mode” once more and then press Back Space. It has vanished!


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