Minecraft was first released to the public in 2011, and it has since grown into a global sensation. Even with over 112 million monthly players, there are still some of you who are discovering the game for the first time. Support for the sport has never been higher, thanks to the developers’ continued release of upgrades. The world of Minecraft can be a little overwhelming for those who are just getting started. This list of suggestions can assist you in becoming a Minecraft master.

1. Different Ways to Play

Minecraft Tips New Players

Minecraft is a “open-world” game with only a few different methods to play. The “Survival” option places you in a randomly created situation where you must make your own weapons and instruments in order to survive. “Creative” mode starts with a limitless number of assets, allowing you to build whatever and anywhere you want. A third option is to join private Minecraft servers. These privately-run video games, which are hosted all around the world, are capable of directly hosting tens of thousands of devoted gamers. You’ll find a selection of mini-games and different methods to play on each of those servers.

2. Strike a Tree

Minecraft Tips New Players Punch Tree

There aren’t many video games where exiting and punching a tree is one of the first thoughts for novices. It’s a fantastic must-know advice for beginner Minecraft players. You don’t have any instruments, weapons, or shelter when you first begin the sport. You’ll need a device to get started. Punch a tree till the wood starts to fall. After you’ve gathered enough wood, you’ll be able to turn it into planks. Using four boards to form a Crafting Bench offers you a whole new world of possibilities for making beds, instruments, doors, and other critical items.

3. Find Shelter Right Away

After you’ve gathered enough wood for instruments, it’s time to think about where you’ll spend your first night in the game. Because Minecraft is full of enemies and critters, finding a safe haven is one of the greatest ways for your character to survive the night. When building your shelter, keep the site in mind. Look for a location high on a mountain with a panoramic view. To utilize sheep’s wool as a mattress, you’ll need to spend some time finding and killing them. After you’ve gotten your instruments, you can make that. Your shelter should next be made of filth, wood, or stone, depending on what you discover throughout time. The shelter must only be basic, so don’t run out and build yourself a palace on your first day.

4. Let Light Shine

To keep monsters at bay, construct a shelter. To keep them at bay at night, you’ll need a light supply. Your next step will be to construct a furnace. To do so, you’ll need to track down some cobblestone. Dig through the muck with a wooden shovel until you find cobblestone. Collect 20 cobblestone blocks with your pickaxe to get the stone. After you’ve gathered enough blocks, use your crafting table to begin building a furnace.

Minecraft Tips New Players Light Torch

Making a few torches to place about your house at night will keep the monsters and mobs at bay. To make torches, you’ll need to harvest coal from the setting or make charcoal in the furnace. If you choose the second option, you’ll need your wooden logs to make charcoal, which will be placed on top of a wooden stick. You now have a torch in your possession. To create light, scatter them about the house. Torches can also be used to highlight locations on a map or placed near doorways to aid in navigating your way out of a cave.

5. Investigate Raw Materials

Wooden and stone instruments, as fantastic as they are at assisting you get started, are prone to cracking. It’s necessary to upgrade to more powerful instruments in order to truly succeed. Uncooked supplies can be found spread throughout the game and must be found and harnessed. Following that in the technological layer is iron, which is mostly discovered underground. Find a cave that leads down or dig down until you find this valuable resource. The little tan “spots” on iron ore pieces help to identify them. Dig them up and throw them in with some coal in your furnace. After the iron has been in the furnace long enough, it may be utilized to make iron instruments that are far more reliable than stone or wood. Having an iron pickaxe is unquestionably one of the most significant tools in Minecraft. You won’t be able to use diamonds and gold if you don’t have it.

6. Digging Locations

Minecraft Tips New Players Digging

If you haven’t figured it out yet, digging is crucial to Minecraft’s success. Smart digging is done at an angle rather than straight down to reduce the risk of dropping your work. Beginners should begin by excavating around or near a mountain to learn the techniques of the trade. This is a simple technique for digging straight into a mine shaft or a large, open cavern.

7. Keep your gold safe.

Gold is an extremely rare factor to come across in the sport. It’s advisable to set gold aside if you stumble across it. It’s not suitable for weapons or armor because it’s a smooth steel. Instead, use it to make something that will assist you to be more successful in the game sooner or later. There’s no need to rush!

8. Mine Carts allow you to travel quickly.

Do you have a pressing need to get from your home to a mountain as quickly as possible? Lay down some minecart tracks with your gold once you’ve gotten into the game. Mine carts may even go up a hill without difficulty if you’re playing Minecraft in its most basic version.

9. Begin a Farm

Minecraft Tips New Players Farm

Last but not least, make sure you have enough food. Starting a farm should only be done once you’ve upgraded to the iron age and learned how to make buckets, shovels, boots, and other tools. Make a pool of water around your house or base using your bucket. Then use a hoe or plow to move glass blocks up to four blocks away from your water source. Remove any grass that has sprouted so that you can collect seeds to sow in the ready blocks. After a few days, you’ll notice brown wheat that’s ready to harvest. This wheat can be turned into bread, ensuring that you have a practically unlimited supply of food.

If you’ve made it this far, you’ll have the right tools, the right experience, and enough food to stay in the game. You’ll also be secure from monsters and mobs, though it wouldn’t hurt to make a sword along the way. After completing these procedures, the sport can now be as big or as tiny as your imagination allows. Just make sure you’re remaining safe while you’re having fun on the internet. Which Minecraft creation is your personal favorite?


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