We’ve already spoken about how to play with Steam remote play. But, if you’re looking for a present for a friend, what kind of video games should you look for?

Here are some of the best video games on Steam that support Remote Play.

1. Cuphead

With its beautifully created hand-drawn aesthetics and polished gameplay, this independent hit grabbed the world by storm. Don’t be fooled by the charming graphics: this sport is difficult, and it may take several tries to defeat a boss or complete a stage.

Cuphead features a co-op option in which a friend assumes control of Mugman. The two-player version makes the journey a little bit safer, since you can be saved from death if your companion tags your ghost before it drifts away.

2. Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is a love letter to the days when Sonic was strong enough to compete with Mario. Regrettably, as was the case in the past, you cannot play two-player online.

Fortunately, you can use Remote Play to bring an online companion into the sport. You and a friend can take on the roles of Sonic and Tails while exploring levels inspired by classic video games. Some locales will be familiar to long-time Sonic fans, while others are brand-new to the franchise.

3. Overcooked

Overcooked is a sport with a simple premise but a challenging path of action. You and a friend must collaborate to prepare food for customers, except that only one person can staff stations. You must work as a team to assemble a supper, which is much easier than the hurdles appear.

Have you ever assembled meals between transferring cars, between housing stations, or in a lava pool on later levels? Overcooked requires more coordination and significantly greater patience with one another, so bring your most intriguing crew of cooks!

4. Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts is an excellent choice for someone who requires something a little less cooperative. You must be the last man standing, but this is more difficult than it sounds. Not only do you fight in extremely dangerous locations (such as on top of moving vehicles), but your character fights like an intoxicated individual.

Despite its childish nature, Gang Beasts offers a surprisingly decent fight feel. You can hit someone to knock them unconscious, pick them up and fling them into danger, or clutch on them for dear life over a shredder. The physics technology that powers the game is incredible, and it allows for some truly amusing moments with your friends.

Which Steam games support remote play did we overlook? Kindly notify us via the form below.


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