There are numerous browsers available, and some are marketed as “lightweight.” However, how would you sketch a lightweight browser? Without delving into the technical details, we consider a browser to be “lightweight” if it can run without freezing on startup, renders websites and graphics quickly, and does not cause the CPU fan to become noisy.

The following is a curated list of lightweight Windows 10 browsers. Although they are lightweight, you should be able to use them as standard browsers without sacrificing critical features. Each has been scanned by multiple antivirus engines to ensure that it is completely secure and includes effective privacy controls.

Apart from Windows, all of these browsers are also available for Mac and Linux (UR browser with Mac alone).

1. Vivaldi

Combining robust privacy controls with a lightweight interface that puts less strain on your PC than Firefox (and undoubtedly Chrome!). As a Chromium fork, Vivaldi’s structure is similar to Chrome’s, but it lacks the majority of the more advanced features found in other mainstream browsers.

Lightweight Browsers Windows 10 Vivaldi

Apart from alleviating strain on low-end systems, Vivaldi includes a slick tab management system and a note-taking feature within the side panel. Additionally, if it is Chromium-based, you will have access to a large portion of the massive repository of Chrome extensions available.

It’s highly customizable, with eight pre-built themes included (and yes, there is a dark theme), as well as the option to create your own. There are a total of 18 distinct sections within the settings, giving you fairly fine-grained control over the entire thing.

Vivaldi is not without flaws. It will crash on you occasionally, and scrolling isn’t always a straightforward course of, but it appears to be a project that’s progressing rapidly.

Summary : The Web browser is a quick, safe, if not all the time steady browser.

2. Slimjet

Slimjet is a lightning-fast Chromium fork that will not disappoint the multitasker in you. Its superior compatibility with Windows 10 is owed to a design based on “Microsoft’s Trident shell,” which is identical to that of Internet Explorer.

Does your trackpad frequently freeze while navigating between different browsers? Slimjet will never make you feel that way. When you navigate to a new tab or menu item, the browsing speed is extremely fast. In fact, the browser is so responsive that viewing the impact takes less than a split second.

Lightweight Browsers Slimjet

Slimjet claims to deliver up to 12 times the file download speed and 20 times the photo upload speed of Chrome or Firefox. While we cannot vouch for that method of promotion, it undoubtedly feels lightning fast.

The browser includes some useful features, such as an integrated ad blocker, a screenshot capture device, a display recorder, and a turbocharged download manager. Additionally, it enables you to add Chrome web extensions, as if you had never left Chrome in the first place.

Lightweight Browsers Slimjet Chrome Extensions

Summary : Slimjet is a lightweight desktop browser with a reputation

3. UR Browser

Another Chromium-based option, UR browser, duplicates Slimjet’s benefits while providing comparable support for Google Chrome extensions. You can enable the browser’s VPN feature and 3D parallax wallpapers or keep the interface minimal. The information is obtained in a short period of time by breaking it down into smaller components, and you will notice significantly less lag as the web page loads.

Lightweight Browsers Ur Customization

What distinguishes UR browser from others is its support for increased levels of privacy. The privateness controls are similar to the Microsoft Edge Chromium model, with three modes: “excessive privacy,” “medium privacy,” and “low privacy.”

Lightweight Browsers Ur Privacy Settings

Summary : use UR browser in case you’re into  light-weight Chromium fork, much like a weight loss plan model of Google Chrome.

4. QuteBrowser

QuteBrowser (pronounced “cute”) is a command-line-based WebKit browser. Based on Python, it provides a minimal graphical user interface and does not overburden your system. As a keyboard-centric browser, it has a slight learning curve. However, once you’ve gotten used to the Vim-style key bindings, nothing feels quite as good.

While QuteBrowser is not for everyone, it is relatively simple to install and use in Windows 10. To begin, you’ll want to ensure that your system is running the latest version of Python. (Ensure that it contains pip.) It won’t take long.

Lightweight Browsers Install Python 1

Next, open your Windows Powershell in Administrator mode and enter the next key.

It will set up Chocolatey slowly. Press “Y” at every step to proceed with the following stage of set up. It could set up Visual Studio and different software program. Wait some time for this course of to proceed – it’s pretty automated.

Lightweight Browsers Install Chocolatey Qutebrowser 1

Once QuteBrowser has been accredited and added, you can be requested to reboot the Windows 10 PC to put in the package deal.

Lightweight Browsers Qutebrowser Installed Reboot 1

After a successful reboot, you should see a menu icon for QuteBrowser on your desktop. This is not your typical browser. The command terminal contains all of the options. Use the arrow keys or g, h, j, and ok to navigate. Simply type o to open a new webpage URL.

Lightweight Browsers Surfing Qutebrowser

Summary : While the minimal features of QuteBrowser are ideal for programmers, you can use it to watch movies, play online video games, or do anything else you enjoy.

5. Yandex

“Amazingly superior!” That is how one Reddit user describes the Yandex browser, and based on my own experience, I have to concur. There is simply a great deal beneath the hood that is derived from specific individual experiences. If you’re looking for a fast but lightweight browser for your Windows PC, Yandex will not disappoint!

To begin, you should enable the browser’s Turbo velocity options, which optimize it for slow connection speeds. It compresses any video, which is an excellent feature for when you’re on the move. Additionally, it features a Power mode that enables you to conserve battery life by disabling video games when the battery is low.

Lightweight Browsers Yandex Turbo Mode Power Saving

Yandex’s settings include a slew of modest options. You can hide the aspect panel, bookmarks bar, animated high-resolution background, and information and temperature feeds. There is a “Protect” page that assures you run security checks on downloaded information, assist with phishing protection for banking data, and employ encryption on public Wi-Fi networks. You may switch to cinema theatre mode and capture screenshots by switching out the lights.

Summary : Yandex is a high-quality browser that is frequently included in the top ten browsers worldwide.


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