WhatsApp is undoubtedly one of the most popular messaging services, however the program is still missing some features. Some of them may be included in the subsequent update, but in the meanwhile, customers can get additional options via third-party apps. Below, you’ll discover a list of apps that might help you get the most out of your WhatsApp experience.

1. Use AutoResponder to Send an Automated Reply

Price: Free / $24.99

AutoResponder enables you to create personalized messages that are sent out when your contacts send you messages that contain specific trigger words. For instance, you can program an automated response to be sent whenever you get the message “Hello.”

Enhance Whatsapp Experience Autoresponder

Users want to provide the app notification access and disable any battery optimization options they may have activated, as well as any background restrictions. AutoResponder enables you to test your “guidelines” first to determine whether they operate and in what manner. While the app’s core features are free to use, you’ll need to upgrade to the PRO tier to gain further features.

2. WhatsCrop

Price: Free

By default, WhatsApp reduces your profile images to a circle, obscuring important details in your image. To avoid this, ensure that you can fit everything in using WhatsCrop — a simple-to-use program that enables you to create the perfect WhatsApp profile photograph.

The program enables you to quickly stretch and fit your image in a circle. Alternatively, depending on the subject, you can zoom out and incorporate a smaller piece of the image into the crop. When you’re finished, WhatsCrop allows you to save the result to your system or immediately use it within the app.

3. Use Sticker Maker to Create the Perfect Sticker

Price: Free

In addition to emojis and GIFs, WhatsApp supports stickers for additional customization. The disadvantage using stickers, however, is that you may not be able to find ones that convey the message you wish to send.

Enhance Whatsapp Experience Sticker Maker

Fortunately, there are apps like Sticker Maker that allow you to express yourself artistically by allowing you to create personalised stickers using your own photos. The procedure is simple and painless: simply upload your images and crop them manually or using a template. Simply tap the “Add to Whatsapp” button to include them into the program.

4. Zedge

Price: Free / $1.22 and up

WhatsApp currently includes a personal collection of backgrounds that you can use in individual chats. You can also use your own photo library for this purpose, but if you want more options, installing the Zedge app may be a smart idea. It’s one of several excellent wallpaper applications included with your Android system. All you have to do is search the app for your preferred wallpaper and then download it to your phone.

Enhance Whatsapp Experience Zedge

Following that, open a WhatsApp chat and tap on the three-dot menu in the upper right. Choose the Wallpaper option, then tap the image from the “My Photos” folder. Select the wallpaper and then tap the Set button to confirm your decision.

5. Click to Chat

Price: Free

Click to Chat is an app that enables you to send WhatsApp messages to numbers without first saving them to your contacts. Simply open the app and enter the desired quantity..

Enhance Whatsapp Experience Click To Chat

Following that, click the “Open” button and a brand new WhatsApp chat will automatically open for you. From here, you can just continue messaging forwards and backwards as usual.

With these apps, you’ll be able to greatly increase your WhatsApp knowledge.


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