While it is straightforward to reduce, copy, and paste text in a phrase document, using PDF recordsdata, you must make a few adjustments to enable you to freely rearrange the text. The following are the most effective strategies for utilizing the lower, copy, and paste functions to transport text across the PDF, as if it were a robust document editor.

Please Note : these tactics will not work if the PDF has been scanned or if the PDF creator has disabled copy-paste capabilities.

1. Using the PDF Reader’s “Insert Text” function.

If this option has not been disabled before, all free PDF readers have the ability to insert any in-line textual material. It enables users of Adobe Acrobat Reader to choose and copy any block of textual information. To insert it directly into the document, right-click and select “Insert Text at Cursor.”

Cut Copypaste Pdf Adobe Reader Insert Text

Apart from text blocks, Adobe Acrobat Reader enables you to include your signature on any web page or specific line.

Cut Copypaste Pdf Adobe Reader Sign

Among free PDF viewers, Foxit Reader performs far better than Adobe Acrobat Reader when it comes to text insertion. Without these obnoxious squiggly enclosures, fresh textual material can be freely put beneath existing textual content. This text adding tool is called “Typewriter,” and it may be accessed via the “Comment” option. With this essential feature, copying and pasting is a breeze.

Cut Copypaste Pdf Foxit Reader Typewritten

2. Using a PDF Editing Program

The only disadvantage of the aforementioned free PDF readers is that they do not support the lower (Ctrl + X) command. Additionally, they will not match the new textual content to the existing PDF font style. If you prefer a more professional document editing environment, you will require the full functionality of a PDF editor. Adobe Acrobat includes a “edit text and images” feature that may be accessible via the “Edit” menu.

Cut Copypaste Pdf Edit Text Images

Soda PDF is an excellent tool for professionally editing PDF documents. It only takes a few minutes to download and install the software.

Once the PDF are opened in Soda PDF, you can simply select any block of textual information.

Cut Copypaste Pdf Sodapdf Select Text

As soon as you select “Edit,” the “Cut, Copy, and Paste” options become visible. The font style is faithfully reproduced, and it’s difficult to see any fresh textual content additions when printing a recent PDF.

Cut Copypaste Pdf Sodapdf Pasted

3. Using a Browser to Edit a PDF

There are numerous tools for editing PDF documents on a browser, such as Sejda. You need only to add the PDF file to the edit window and then proceed to any textual content selection. This will create a highlighted area in which you can freely utilize the Cut, Copy, and Paste commands. When finished, click “Apply Changes.”

Cut Copypaste Pdf Online Editor



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